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Work at Heights updated guidance from HSE

Posted by: Di Wright

Recently the HSE has updated its guidance on the Work at Heights Regulations 2005, particularly with regard to the use of stepladders and ladders for maintenance and installation work.  Many organisations chose to interpret the requirements of the WAH Regs to mean a total ban on the use of such equipment for these activities.  The HSE has never banned the use of steps and ladders for such work, provided that it is for short duration and is maintained properly.  Another requirement:  to maintain three points of contact at the work position (whilst working off steps or ladders) has been further clarified to mean two feet and one hand, or where both hands need to be free for a brief period; two feet and the body supported by the stepladder.  Full guidance is available from the HSE website:  

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H&S Mythbusters

Posted by: Di Wright

Sometimes it is easy to use health and safety as an excuse not to do something. Very often, it is a case of not being bothered, or having the confidence to make a decision, rather than a genuine health and safety concern. Please see the link below for a selection of recent case studies and the HSE's opinion.

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Clearing snow and ice from pavements

Posted by: Di Wright

It is a myth that you should not clear snow from paths.  Just make sure you do it the right way to avoid making things worse.  See the link below:

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Changes to Accident Reporting

Posted by: Di Wright

From 6 April 2012 the rules regarding when to report an incident to the Incident Contact Centre are changing.  The over-three-day requirement will change to more than seven days.  So only if the incident results in the employee being absent or incapacitated for more than 7 days will it need to be reported.  Employers have 15 days to make the report on line.  For further information see: 

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More Customer Feedback

Posted by: Steven Annison

It was great to get some more feedback from Duncan Allan, H&S Manager at Michell Instruments Ely following several projects we helped with.

Di, Your work never ceases to delight me with its quality and professionalism. Well done. Best Regards




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